Snobunje Rattler - The Ultimate Unstuck Tool
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Snobunje Rattler - The Ultimate Unstuck Tool

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Snobunje Rattler

The Ultimate Snowmobile Unstuck Pulling Tool

The worst part of snowmobiling has to be getting unstuck. How do you move a stuck sled? Reduce the amount of weight that the track has to move so that the track can claw its way back up on top of the snow and move the sled forward again.  The Rattler will help you move a stuck sled by pulling on a ski. The Snobunje Rattler is an amazing tool that allows you to pull the sled much farther with one tug. The extended pulling force that this tool can produce allows the track to regain its grip on the snow and move the stuck sled. This tool will help improve your ride because you will spend less time being stuck, and less effort getting unstuck. Trust us! You will get your moneys worth with this awesome pulling tool. Your back and your buddies will thank you later.

- This strong elastic stretch cord lets you maximize the pulling power your body can produce
- Gives a pulling distance of up to four times the distance you can pull by hand
- Utilizes leg strength and body weight fully when pulling on a stuck snowmobile

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