509 Sinister X5 Snow Goggles
Black Ops

509 Sinister X5 Snow Goggles

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The all new Sinister X5 Snow Goggle!

Sinister X5 Technology

Fixed OutriggersNew fixed outriggers, move the strap position forward providing a perfect fit with your 509 helmet. Our unique edge pressure outrigger, provides a perfect seal along the outer edge of the goggles, not 2" in at the outrigger post like our competitors. This ensures a perfect fit & seal and eliminates fogging.
Phantom Frame TechnologyThe X5 frame was carefully engineered with PHANTOM frame technology. This unique design allows the goggle frame to disappear out of your field of view, leaving a clear vision path with less visible frame.
Field of ViewThe new X5 is 1/2" taller and than our original Sinister and has been carefully re-engineered for greater field of view and a perfect fit inside your 509 helmet. This new design also eliminates nose pressure allowing unobstructed breathing.
Italian Polycarbonate Dual LensThe X5 features an all new Italian sourced Polycarbonate dual lens with greatly improved anti-fog coating and with a significantly more durable anti-scratch coating. Experience the difference of the X5, Italian sourced optical lens.
New Nose MaskThe X5 features a restyled, oversized and removable nosemask to keep you warm & comfortable. Its simply the best nosemask in the game!

Sinister X5 Snow Goggle vs. Original Sinister

The All New Sinister X5 Snow Goggle
  • 0.5" taller
  • 12.5% larger viewing area
  • Phantom frame technology
  • Fixed outriggers
  • Italian sourced dual lens
  • Improved anti-fog & anti-scratch
  • New contoured face foam
The Original Sinister Snow Goggle

The all new Sinister X5 was completely re-engineered from the group up and is a significant improvement over our original Sinister in almost every way. We focused on meticulously improving the most important features of a snowmobile goggle. The result is an X5 goggle with vastly improved visibility, anti-fog, and durability. There simply has never been a snowmobile goggle of this caliber on the market!

2016 Styles

Carbon Fiber Sinister X5 Snow GoggleBlack Fire Sinister X5 Snow Goggle
Black Ice Sinister X5 Snow GoggleLime Camo Sinister X5 Snow Goggle
Evolution Sinister X5 Snow GoggleWhiteout Sinister X5 Snow Goggle
Black Ops Sinister X5 Snow GoggleChris Burandt Sinister X5 Snow Goggle
Nightvision Sinister X5 Snow GoggleKeith Curtis Sinister X5 Snow Goggle
Dan Adams Sinister X5 Snow GoggleOrange Sinister X5 Snow Goggle
Lime Sinister X5 Snow GoggleBlack Denim Sinister X5 Snow Goggle
Aura Sinister X5 Snow GoggleBlue Sinister X5 Snow Goggle
Yellow Sinister X5 Snow GoggleBlack with Yellow Sinister X5 Snow Goggle
Chromium Sinister X5 Snow GoggleGold Sinister X5 Snow Goggle
Tracks Sinister X5 Snow GoggleBlack with Rose Sinister X5 Snow Goggle
Snocross Sinister X5 Snow GoggleIce Sinister X5 Snow Goggle
RealTree® White Camo Sinister X5 Snow GoggleSkull Camo Sinister X5 Snow Goggle
Storm Chaser Sinister X5 Snow GoggleDollar Bill Sinister X5 Snow Goggle

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